Services Provided By TheraChoice

TheraChoice is dedicated in providing all service and needs for our clients. using the proven traditional methods as well as more modern approaches of therapeutic techniques. We believe every client is unique and every client will respond differently in his or her way. It is vital for whomever you hire that they understand and recognize the sometimes very subtle differences and responsive reactionary understanding of the client – so therapist and patient- can say; “yes… this is working!”

Child Therapy Services​

– Child Counseling
– Play Therapy
– Family Counseling
– Coping & Adjustments
– Anger Management
– Group Therapy

Educational Services
– Assessment & Evaluation
– Learning Difficulties
– Cognitive Testing
– School Visits

​Speech & Language
​- Articulation Disorders
– Expressive Disorders
– Oral-Motor Difficulties
– Resonance/Voice Disorders
– Pronunciation Difficulties
– Communication Difficulties
– Communication impairments related to Autism Spectrum Disorders
– Receptive and/or expressive language delay
– Articulation disorder
– Speech and language impairments due to hearing loss
– Fluency disorders/stuttering
– Voice disorders
– Childhood Apraxia of Speech
– Social skills/pragmatic language impairments

Pediatric Feeding Therapy and Sensory Issues
-motor skills for children

Occupational Therapy
– Pervasive Developmental Disorders
– Gross and Fine Motor Delays
– Developmental Delays
– Coordination & Balance Problems
– Attention & Concentration Problems
– Learning Problems

School Observation
– Direct observation in school setting​
– Collaborate with teachers on tasks​
– Develop techniques to communicate​
– Assist with program modification​
– Provide resources for school staff​