“In March 2013, I met Elodie (Director of TheraChoice) at a county prep school as she was working with a child. I introduced myself and the services I provide in the community. We exchanged numbers and our professional relationship began from a seed we planted. I symbolize Elodie’s personal and professional growth as an oak tree. …symbol of strength and endurance. Since I met Elodie in March, the oak tree branches are symbolic for her growth of excellence.

After Elodie has been in your presence, her beauty within and outward can only stay with you. Elodie’s excellent service is evidence of her love for children to excel.  I am very proud and honored to have met Elodie Diaz and continue a close relationship personal and professional.”

Elizabeth Dixon

Supportive Intervention Specialist

Quality Services Department

“It has been an honor and pleasure to work with Elodie in the capacity of service provider for my schools. With the growth of her company (TheraChoice), she is now able to reach more cities and even offers free services for our children and families. Through the E-Z Speech (Division of TheraChoice) we are able to get hands-on help to our children quicker than most other rehab options in our community. “

Sam Haddabah owner of

“A Childrens Place”

“Curlew Learning Center”

“Primary Preporatory School”

“About two weeks ago I contacted Ms. Elodie from TheraChoice about my son failing a Speech Screening at his school. Ms. Elodie and her team are by far the most professional at home therapy crew I have come across. I have had my three children in different Therapies both at home and on site for the better part of the last 4 years. Within one week of my initial call a SLP was at my home doing my sons evaluation. A week after he was on the schedule. I was floored. The quick response and intervention for my child has been amazing! I have been on waiting list for what seems like an eternity, so this dedication to getting children the services they need as soon as possible has been a godsend. This company also offers Occupational, feeding and physical therapy (to name a few).I look forward to transferring our kids other services to TheraChoice. Kudos to this beautifully orchestrated team and the work they are doing for the kids in this county. And thank you for taking our insurance!”

Brenda M
Seminole Fl.

Testimonial from one of the parents