Steps needed to take to get started on therapeutic services

  • What are the steps required for my child to receive therapeutic services?

Child is Not in School: If your child is not attending school simply Contact Us Here here first.

Child in School: Pertains to First Time Child Care Services Only

If this is your first time ever seeking services for your child, we recommend you take advantage of a screening process. Though not always required, TheraChoice believes this is an important first step process, rather than foregoing it, and starting off directly into the Evaluation Process.

Step 1: Have TheraChoice provide the screening.

Step 2:  Our findings from the Screening will then be discussed with you. If we determine an Evaluation is necessary, you as the parent/guardian will then need to call your child’s pediatrician/physician for a “Prescription for Evaluation”. This prescription must contain a diagnosis code, provided by your pediatrician, this is in order for us to set a date for your child’s Evaluation. To simplify this process, the pediatrician/physician can also fax the Prescription for Evaluation directly to our office.

Step 3: The Evaluation date is set at you and your child’s convenience and then the roughly 60 minute Evaluation is conducted by our specialists using proper testing materials. Information derived from the tests is analyzed and reported in our Evaluation Report/Plan of Care.  Appropriate and attainable goals are individually designed around your child’s needs.

Step 4: TheraChoice will then fax the report findings and goals to your physician/pediatrician for their approval. Once the Evaluation Report/Plan of Care is approved, TheraChoice will fax it to your insurance company for the final approval stage.

Step 5: Given the allotted time for therapy determined by the insurance carrier, you and TheraChoice will set up appropriate days and times for your child to receive services, typically a 1 hour session, 3 days a week. With a strong belief in conserving family time, we offer our therapy services to you in your home, at your child’s school or day care or in their after school clubs.