Senior Living – Seniority Earned

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The senior population percentage is increasing and research suggests by year 2025 roughly 20% of the population will be of age 65 or older. This statistic suggests better medical procedures, diet and education. All these factors play a part in why we are aging at a slower rate: Yesterday’s 50 is today’s 60!  It appears the differential between the sexes is becoming even more divided, divied in the sense of what we believe is true. Women still outlive men but that gap may be closing as well. Regardless, today’s seniors as a whole are more active, more alert and retiring later.  Mentally and physically they are more ‘On The Go’.

“Since people are going to be living longer and getting older, they’ll just have to learn how to be babies longer.”

Andy Warhol

Preventative and diagnostic measures correspond hand-and-hand with active measures; in other words, we are more educated with what we should and should not do, what we eat, how we should talk, etc, etc. Could it be all part of the mental and an even more so commercial stigmatizing? Perhaps. Take for instance how often we hear; “they/we/you are too old.” That may have applied to almost everything we wanted to do, experience, whether for fun or work, and was anticipated and it was expected, but, times have changed indeed, it is no longer accepted. Active Seniors are triumphing over past and retired thinking. Collectively, they are embracing a more healthy lifestyle. Be it, gym memberships, newest health crazes or diets. Seniors are embracing their “Golden Years” with such exuberance that it puts the middle-aged to shame. If anyone deserves mentioning here, it is our Senior Population – no longer satisfied with sitting by and watching as time passes, they are in search of the now, attainable “Fountain of Youth”.

Baby boomers (1946 and 1964.) are often spoke about, as they will eventually be the majority of the population that demands a better be it more cultured lifestyle, this subject was an even more “in vogue” hot topic roughly 20 years ago, but what has happened since, is the slow aging population prior to baby boomers what we refer as the the “Greatest Generation”. This generation has experienced WW1, WW2 in one facet or another, either experience the war as an active member or as a child, witnessing and experiencing their parents, mainly the father being drafted or enlisted while the mother was creating the weapons needed. Oh yes, how times have changed; Changed for the better? Well that is also an open debate, but the one factual constant is true. Those born prior or around 1910 and we are fortunate to still have them around, have experienced much more than those born post 1955 for example. The Greatest Generation, may in fact be called” Great” for reason, consider they have witnessed or experience firsthand, WW1, WW2, Korean War and the Vietnam war even to some extent, with their children – fighting in this war or as officers, because of the experience they have earned via the past wars.

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