Reasons For Speech or Occupational Therapy

Therapy is not a shameful word nor is it a blemish that is not curable or adjustable….it’s simply a function of who we are as individuals. Painting the perfect picture for the perfect child or person is not possible. For perfection to exist…what we call “imperfections” must exist inside…of everyone.

Therapy, You & YOUR Family

At TheraChoice, sometimes and more often what we hear is a solution is not necessarily your solution pertaining to you or your family’s needs.

The world of providing therapy, we specialize in speech, occupational, physical therapy, working with you, our new friends, and new patients who have suffered a stroke/CVA, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) accident victims, audiology clients, Aphasia, Autism, fine motor-skills and the list goes on.

The needs and treatment of our clients will never be placed in a standard textbook therapeutic form, because we believe no 2 clients are alike. Therefore we pride ourselves into not categorizing or generalizing our clients in a standard boiler-plate of one service treats all, we believe this is a miscalculation. We will do our own FREE screening for you and create our own evaluation, unique and adapted for you and your family. We deeply listen and care about you and your family’s needs. We are fast in expediting turnaround from the time you contact us, to screening, to evaluation, to commencing the therapy. Time IS of the essence; therefore we will never place our clients on a lengthy waiting list, which is very typical of the bigger conglomerates.


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