Beautiful Internal Children – Let Kids Be Kids

proud father happy daughter

Proud parents are happy parents, and it is reflective in their children. Not all children are born perfect, but in our eyes as parents, of course we will say; “my kids are perfect!”. So, if the day comes where maybe your child is falling behind in school, or developing social anxiety disorders it can leave you asking yourself; “why me, why my child?” This happens to more families and their children than you would have thought. The perfect other family you thought always was, may not be as perfect as one would believe. Regardless, we are unique as individuals, and that’s precisely what that word means. We expect and demand much from our children, we tend to live through our children of things we never were able to accomplish ourselves, thus putting a lot of pressure on them, sometimes kids just need to be kids. Nevertheless, here we are playing the helicopter parent.

So, where does that leave us? Basically, there is absolutely nothing shameful about addressing your child’s needs (yes needs), in getting them the proper therapy needed – will repeat this – getting them the proper therapy needed, and sooner rather than later, since early intervention is the key. We can all use a little help at times and doing what’s right to admittance (declaring: yes, we need to do this) outweighs any pre-thoughts and conceptions, in this case misconceptions of; “there is nothing wrong with my child“….and you are probably right, but give them a head start now…and let kids be kids.

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