About TheraChoice

TheraChoice Inc. provides Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, serving Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Manatee, Sarasota counties and beyond. We provide therapy in school setting or in your home setting.


In the world of providing therapy, we specialize in speech, occupational, physical, working with patients who have suffered a stroke/CVA, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) accident victims, audiology clients, Aphasia, Autism, fine motor-skills and the list goes on.



We also specialize in working with children in school or home setting. Early intervention is the key to getting therapy services started with your child and we do not believe in placing a child on a long waiting list after you have received the initial evaluation.

We would highly recommend visiting our About Our Services Page to learn more.

The needs and treatment of our clients will never be placed in a standard textbook therapeutic form, because we believe no 2 clients are alike. Therefore we pride ourselves into not categorizing or generalizing our clients in a standard boiler-plate of one service treats all, we believe this is a miscalculation.

We will do our own FREE screening for you and create our own evaluation, unique and adapted for you and your family. We deeply listen and care about you and your family’s needs. We are fast in expediting turnaround from the time you contact us, to screening, to evaluation, to commencing the therapy. Time IS of the essence; therefore we will never place our clients on a lengthy waiting list, which is very typical of the bigger conglomerates.

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