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Many children will grow up with speech and language developmental delays, which could then extend into adulthood if remained untreated, making it difficult to do well in school, social life, and in the workplace. Communication is a crucial part of daily living, and speech disorders, from stuttering to apraxia of speech, can significantly impede a person’s necessity to excel in life. The Speech-language pathologists at TheraChoice have been studying and learning speech development delays for years and how to get past them.

TheraChoice CARES about your needs. We understand the sensitivity, the doubts, and we are here first and foremost to address and remedy all the steps to therapeutic recovery.

  • Medicare Part B – TheraChoice can provide therapy services for patients with Medicare Part B coverage. In most cases we can provided therapy in your own home.

    TheraChoice Medicare clients for speech, occupational, physical therapy. Stroke, brain trauma, accident victims. Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Bradenton


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    proud father with daughter

    Proud parents are happy parents, and it is reflective in their children. Not all children are born perfect, but in our eyes as parents, of course we will say; “my kids are perfect!”. So, if the day comes where maybe your child is falling behind in school, or developing social anxiety disorders it can leave you asking yourself; “why me, why my child?” This happens to more families and their children than you would have thought. The perfect other family you thought always was, may not be as perfect as one would believe.

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